TECNO W3LTE, Colorful Back Cover

Colorful Back Cover

W3 LTE is launched in four different colors. You can choose among sapphire blue, ocean gray, champagne gold and retro red to fit your personality.

TECNO W3LTE, Larger Screen

Larger Screen

With brightness up to 400 nits, the 5-inch sunlight readable widescreen of W3 LTE delivers true-to-life images in any light. Featured with 8.65mm slim body, it remains one of the slimmest among its counterparts.

TECNO W3LTE, Easy Back Cover Release

Easy Back Cover Release

The back cover release port and charge port have been merged into one. The subtle change brings conveniences and aesthetic beauty to your life.

TECNO W3LTE, Magic Flashlights

Magic Flashlights

The back camera is equipped with enhanced dual flashlights, which shed natural light for double light compensation. The illuminated range is extended up to 3 meters for taking natural looking images in the night.

TECNO W3LTE, F/2.0 Super Aperture

F/2.0 Super Aperture

The back camera of W3 LTE features a super aperture that is wider than that of iPhone 6s Plus, increasing light admittance by 15%. It takes brighter and whiter photos even in dark environments.

TECNO W3LTE, Front Camera with Natural Flashlight

Front Camera with Natural Flashlight

The front flashlight gives off light equally strong to natural light for enhanced light compensation. The semi-concealed design ensures overall beauty of the phone while allowing you to get brighter images. Feel free to capture the world with natural light.

TECNO W3LTE, Real Time Beautification

Real Time Beautification

There are various face beauty effects that you can choose from. No matter which part you want to enhance, skin, lips, eyebrows or eyes, there is always a face beauty effect that matches your style. You can also choose from a variety of beauty modes for instant enhancement. Have fun recording the best of you effortlessly.

TECNO W3LTE, Air Gestures, Smart Gesture Control

Air Gestures, Smart Gesture Control

Now you can control your mobile device through air gestures. Without touching the phone, you may swipe to the left to answer an incoming call, or swipe to the right to view the next image in the photo album.

TECNO W3LTE, Large Battery

Large Battery

Built with a 2500mAh battery, W3 LTE powers your work hours and entertainment hours dynamically.

TECNO W3LTE, AndroidTM 6.0, A Whole New User Experience

Androidâ„¢ 6.0

A Whole New User Experience

With the latest Androidâ„¢ 6.0, the phone runs more smoothly than ever. You may activate the doze mode to save power. As it is compatible with external storage devices, you can have more space with less money.