TECNO W3, Design of Silk Texture

Design of Silky Texture

Inspired by oriental silk, W3 features high-end texture design, which fits your elegant taste adequately.

TECNO W3, Change Colorful Back Covers

Colorful Back Cover, Colorful Life

W3 is available in three colors – sky black, luxurious gold and dawn white. Simply pick the one you like.

TECNO W3, Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

The beauty of W3 comes both from the screen and the slim body. The 5-inch screen displays images in high resolution. Large battery capacity does not mean low expectation for thinness. Despite a 2500mAh battery, the device boasts of 8.65mm slim body, which will surely amaze you.

TECNO W3, One Port, Both USB and Battery Cover

One Port, Both for USB Connection and Battery Cover Release

The USB port and battery cover release port are combined into one. It makes the phone more beautiful and makes it easier for you to change the back cover.

TECNO W3, Double Flashlights with Brighter View

Dual Flashlights, Brighter View

Equipped with dual back flashlights, W3 enables brighter and clearer images. You can capture beautiful moments even in low light.

TECNO W3, Larger Aperture, Vivid Images

Wider Aperture, Vivid Images

Apart from dual back flashlights, W3 dwarfs others with a wider F/2.0 aperture. Larger than that of iPhone 6s Plus, there will be 15% more light admittance. Larger aperture brings more light and ultimately more vivid pictures.

TECNO W3, Natural Flashlight

Front Flashlight with Natural Light

The front flashlight of the phone gives off soft and natural light to light up your selfie. Combined with an F/2.2 front aperture, it makes the environment and consequently your photos brighter.

TECNO W3, 120-degree Panoramic Selfie

120-Degree Panoramic Selfie

W3 is built for taking outstanding selfie. The wide-angle front camera allows you to take 120-degree panoramic view and fit up to 10 people into one frame.

TECNO W3, Making Up when Taking Pictures

Beautification Effect

There are 8 makeup styles to meet your needs for beautifying pictures. So, feel free to beautify pictures as you like.

TECNO W3, 2500 mAh+ HiOS power saver

2500mAh & HiOS Power Saver

Equipped with a whopping 2500mAh battery, W3 provides a standby time up to 312 hours. Combined with HiOS power saver, you can talk for 25 hours, listen to 1,300 songs or watch 5 movies on a single charge.

TECNO W3, Smart Waving Gesture

Smart Gesture

W3 enables smart air gestures that make it easy to answer the call. Besides, you can conveniently browse pictures in your photo library via corresponding gestures.